"The important thing about money isn't MONEY itself - it's about YOU!"

To achieve CLARITY around our financial decisions it is imperative to undertake INNER work and OUTER work

Money Mind-Set Coaching

Y ou really know that you should have this money thing sorted out by now – but you just don’t. You know that taking control of this is the key to creating the lifestyle that you desire and you’re now ready to draw a line in the sand… to stop letting money control you and to start creating your life on purpose.

Ok, so first of all you can stop beating yourself up … although you are 100% in control of your own destiny this isn’t necessarily all your fault!

Online Financial Planning

 I feel that Financial Planning is for everyone but not everyone has the time, or the inclination, to spend hours pouring over spreadsheets with a Financial Adviser.  In addition, the cost of a basic Financial Plan, which can be anywhere upwards of £1,500, makes it prohibitive for those that perhaps need the service the most. 

I created the online financial planning service for those busy clients who have a basic understanding of finance and an idea of where they want to be in life.  They simply require a financial road map to help them get there.

Lifestyle Financial Planning

M oney affects every aspect of our lives … from the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the houses we live in, the holidays we enjoy, even down to the food we eat … and as such it means so much more to life than simply budgets and savings.

So many people get stuck in the day to day grind of earning money, paying the bills, saving some for a rainy day etc.

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