About Money Clarity

My mission is to help women, just like you, to start to live your life based on what you desire rather than based upon what you can afford!!! So many women are living their lives with fear and anxiety around money… allowing money to control them and it doesn’t have to be that way! I work with women who want so much more and aren’t afraid to admit it, who are ready to start living life on their terms and are prepared to get their financial baggage in order to enable them to do that!

When dealing with your finances, financial products and numbers are only half the story. Of course these factors are important, but first and foremost you must have a healthy, well balanced relationship with money and this has EVERYTHING to do with beliefs, programming, feelings and emotions. Irrational or rigid, inflexible beliefs can be deeply ingrained in our psyche. These inflexible beliefs can lead to self-sabotaging behaviour which ultimately take us further away from what we want to achieve.

Although money isn’t everything, it has an incredibly powerful effect on the way we feel day to day as it gives us the choice about how to live our life. My passion is to help women utilise this incredibly important tool to live a life that is in line with their most heart-felt dreams and desires.

Our sessions will:

  • Help you to identify a lifestyle that is in alignment with who you are
  • Help you to uncover the subconscious blueprint that has been keeping you stuck
  • Create a new blueprint based on your conscious desires and intentions
  • Provide practical support and guidance regarding money issues
  • Help you to control money-related fears, stress and anxiety


Is this type of work right for me?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, then most definitely it’s for you.

Can you associate with the following?

  • Do you feel trapped in a career that pays well because of the expensive lifestyle you have created?
  • Do you have a deeper yearning for something more from life?
  • Do you have a rough idea about where you would like to be but have no idea of the numbers required to get you there?
  • Do you crave the freedom that your own lifestyle business would provide?
  • Do you avoid anything money related? Preferring to just trust that things will work themselves out?
  • Do you know you need to start doing something to take control of your finances but just aren’t quite sure what?
  • Do you need help clarifying your dreams and aspirations for the future?

This service is aimed at professional and entrepreneurial women who are looking to create a lifestyle that’s in alignment with who they truly are. It is important to be aware that this process is very much a two way relationship where you take responsibility for your own situation.

This isn’t about handing your life over to a professional and asking them to tell you what you need. Only you know what is best for you  therefore it’s about you being involved every step of the way so that the plan is of your creation.

When you take control of your money, you take control of your life!! Are you ready to do this? If so, hit the contact button below and schedule your complimentary discovery session to find out how I may be able to support you.

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