Money Mind-Set Coaching

Y ou really know that you should have this money thing sorted out by now – but you just don’t. You know that taking control of this is the key to creating the lifestyle that you desire and you’re now ready to draw a line in the sand… to stop letting money control you and to start creating your life on purpose.

Ok, so first of all you can stop beating yourself up … although you are 100% in control of your own destiny this isn’t necessarily all your fault! All you’ve done is taken on a few false ideas about money and a bit of unhelpful programming. As a result you’ve created some circumstances in your life that aren’t serving you or what it is that you want to create for yourself.

Here’s the thing…it’s likely that, because this feels uncomfortable, you’ve switched off… busying yourself with other things in the hope that the money will just take care of itself. But, be honest.. deep down you know that’s never going to be a strategy that works!!!

You know that you need to get a handle on this beacuse if you don’t, money is always going to be controlling you. And to be honest, you’re aren’t the kind of woman to be controlled… NOOOOO!!!

So, how is this playing out in your life right now? It’s likely that you just can’t seem to earn the money that you need to support the lifestyle that you really want! Or, perhaps you earn money and it’s gone pretty much before it even hits your bank account!

You want to earn money but equally you want to KEEP some of what you do earn… otherwise what’s the point??? Here’s the truth.. you’re out of alignment … you’re all stuck and don’t know what to do to move forward. I get it, I really do because I know how it feels and I know what it takes to transform this.



So, in our work together, we’ll really get to the nitty gritty about what you have going on at at deeper level. What are your beliefs about money and what does money mean to you? What do you believe about yourself? How have these beliefs been playing out in your life? How have you been sabotaging yourself in having the things that you say you want? What do you need to believe about money and ultimately behave with money?

“Whatever is happening on the inside will be reflected on the outside.”

So, my approach is to really help you to get to the nitty gritty of what’s been causing havoc in your money life and to help you to identify the obstacles and challenges that you need to work through to ultimately transform them into something that will support you in moving forward.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel as though you’re being controlled by money
  • You don’t earn enough
  • Perhaps you earn money easily but it’s gone as soon as you receive it
  • You’re talented and intelligent and should therefore have all of this figured out. You feel embarassed that you don’t
  • You sometimes spend a lot of money to make yourself feel better, only to feel worse later
  • You have difficulty charging for your services, in particular when asking for the sale


So, if you’re fed up not earning enough, not keeping enough of what you do earn, never having enough to spend on the things and experiences you really want in life and are ready to transform all of this… to draw a line in the sand and to eliminate the words ‘I can’t afford’ from your vocabulary then we need to talk!

Don’t put your life on hold any longer.. if you’re serious about sorting this out then click on the button below to schedule your 30 minute complimentary discovery session.

I would ask that, as the sessions are complimentary, you only schedule one if you feel that you’re at the point where you’re ready to take action. This is not always easy work and it’s not my job to convince anyone that this is what they need to be doing… it’s important therefore that you’ve already reached that point yourself!

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