Are you walking around in ill fitting money shoes?

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Are you walking around in ill fitting money shoes?

I t’s time to get clear on your pricing, get the perfect pair of money shoes and make the money you desire!!

I first read about the concept of badly fitting money shoes in Danielle LaPortes wonderful book ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’. In the book she talked about her friend who felt uncomfortable earning a certain amount of money because it just felt like too much.

Throughout my career as a financial adviser, I tried on many pairs of shoes, both money ones and actual ones…. Yes, I like shoes (a lot) but that’s a post for another day. Some felt more comfortable than others and this idea around the fact that we unconsciously set ourselves an income ceiling, based on lots of different factors, really resonated with me. The more I spoke to clients, the more I realised I wasn’t unique.

I had one client tell me that, despite consciously wanting more, she couldn’t seem to go beyond a certain level of income no matter how hard she worked. After much self-analysis, she eventually identified that underlying all of this was the belief that she shouldn’t earn more than her father who had always worked so hard for his money. She had unconsciously developed a money script along the lines of ‘You have to work your fingers to the bone to earn money’.

She was burnt out and broke! She felt comfortable charging £75 an hour, what she actually needed to charge was £200 an hour. She wanted the Louboutins but was comfortable in the Birkenstocks and she knew that upgrading was going to hurt. Between us we had to find somewhere in between.. something that wouldn’t feel like such a big stretch and now, at last, her Kurt Geiger’s fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper!

If any of this sounds a bit weird or uncomfortable, bear with me and don’t worry… you’re in the right place I promise! You’ll know if you’ve been wearing ill fitting money shoes because it’s going to feel painful and you’re likely to wobble, especially when asking for the sale! You’re likely to make assumptions about what your clients can and can’t afford. This mindset is going to be causing you major challenges in funding the lifestyle you desire and you know you need to deal with this because, if you don’t, you won’t be doing the work you love for very much longer.

You may have been working with the law of attraction, reading books about wealth creation or toying with the idea of raising your prices but none of this has worked because it hasn’t dealt with the underlying issue.

A combination of the following will help you towards identifying how much to charge:

  • Create a plan… identify the lifestyle you want to live, how much will it cost, how many hours do you want to work? You are in business to support a certain lifestyle right? So, make sure your numbers support that;
  • Get incredibly clear on the value that your service/offer provides… if you don’t have a clear understanding of the value of the service that your offer then it’s going to be difficult to stand by your pricing;
  • Identify some of the limiting beliefs that may have been leading you down the self-sabotage path and work on creating some new beliefs. It’s likely that you may have been projecting onto others what you have going on inside of yourself at a deeper level so this is a really important one;
  • Raise your vibration… Invest in yourself!! If you aren’t investing in yourself how can you expect others to invest in you? The more you invest in yourself, the higher fees you can charge.

This is a huge subject and one that I could talk about forever so please, if you liked it, feel free to share/comment in the comments section below.

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  1. Love the analogy of the ill-fitting shoes! Nothing cramps our style more than shoes that hurt and make us walk funny.
    Pricing is a huge issue, as it is linked to our own sense of value and worth.
    The analogy with shoes also makes me think of the associations between money and sex, which again are linked to how we are both able to give and receive.
    It’s also an association with Venus and Mars in astrology – Venus is related to money, but also what we value. It has also linked to what gives us joy, and if we aren’t enjoying ourselves, our ability to attract is diminished.
    Mars on the other hand is linked to how we go after something that we want.
    It’s truly a relationship of give and take – you can bet your bottom dollar on it.

    • Thanks for the astrological insight Vanessa! Great material for a post on another day :)

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