Money and the Subconscious

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Money and the Subconscious

L istening to the news recently and hearing about the latest celebrity bankruptcy prompted me to start thinking about her and so many like her who quickly accumulate wealth and then lose it all, only to find themselves back in their old familiar situation of money angst and struggle. We hear stories of lottery winners who lose everything within a few years of the big win!

Is there a pattern here? Bearing in mind we are all walking around in our lives, largely unconscious to what we are actually doing, would these people have ever had the opportunity to experience a different outcome?

Estimates vary but there is evidence to suggest that approximately 5% only of our brains processing power is used by our conscious mind.  The remainder is subconscious, unconscious, automatic.  For example, we don’t think about how we brush our teeth, take a shower or how we breathe.  We often go into a trance like state when driving and when we arrive at our destination, have no idea how we got there.  Most of our day to day habits go on auto-pilot.

“What this means is that, our subconscious mind is largely running the show or calling the shots in our life!”

Our subconscious mind works like a computer, absorbing all the data input throughout our lives, the values, the beliefs, the things we have been told about who we are and what to expect in our lives.  This ‘mind computer’ will take this programming and run with it, ensuring that our experiences reflect back to us what is held deeply within.

If we have been brought up in an environment where money has always been a struggle …. Perhaps we have been fed messages about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer or that money is the root of all evil and the powerful and rich exploit those less fortunate than themselves.  This is the programming that has been received and it is easy to see therefore how our life experience, in relation to money, could be a negative one.

The problems arise when our conscious mind desires something that is in conflict with these most deeply rooted beliefs. Although on a conscious level we may associate money with increased freedom, the ability to help those less fortunate than ourselves etc., the subconscious has been programmed to believe the exact opposite so our task of accumulating wealth becomes one of mountainous proportions.

Indeed if we succeed in our efforts to achieve the wealth we think we deserve, the subconscious will always be there to remind us of these deeply held beliefs and because the subconscious is running the show, it will ensure that we take the necessary behaviours to keep our lives in line with that programming.

We all have these unconscious ideas, attitudes, core beliefs and emotional patterns that affect our experience with money and it is the moment that we begin to bring them into our conscious awareness that we start to realise, we are on the right track!

Scientists tell us that the power of the subconscious mind is perhaps a million times greater than that of the conscious mind.  Ultimately it’s aim is to protect us and held within it is a great deal of wisdom and intelligence.

Goals in life are valuable, as is will power, but there exists an asset within us so much more powerful and this is the reason it is so imperative to work with the subconscious when trying to build the life that we deserve!!

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