It’s Ok to be a Financial F*ck Up

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It’s Ok to be a Financial F*ck Up

W hat?!?! FFS Sarah, you’re a financial adviser for gods sake… you can’t say that!!!

Ok, so of course I’ve written that title as more of an attention grabber and not to say that it’s ok to be an actual financial f*ck up…. In fact it’s positively NOT ok and what’s even more NOT ok is to speak to ourselves in this way but I’m speaking here to the women who are most definitely NOT that, but, who have labelled themselves as such and what I really want to say is just pack it in, Ok?!

So, if you’re nodding your head right now thinking, yeah this is me… I’m completely clueless where money is concerned. Why do I keep cocking things up .. Listen up!!! The truth is that you’re probably a really intelligent woman … You can probably tie your own shoe laces and everything!! Ok, so that’s a little joke in case you missed it.. probably totally misplaced!!! Anyway, I digress! It may well be that on the surface you have it all! The truth is, you’re probably the strong one, the one that your friends look up to for advice and confidence and by hook or by crook you’re absolutely doing your best to maintain that image!!

But deep down you have a dirty little secret….. you try to ignore it and by ignoring it you’re more than likely the first one at the bar splashing your cash!!! And you get home at the end of the night, having blown another £100, and you think crikey money just seems to slip through my fingers and I really should have my money act together by now!!! And because you don’t, you just feel like a bit of a loser actually….

You know, we hear from so many financial gurus who all seem to have their shit together (or do they?)!! Smoke and mirrors is all I have to say about that… and, yeah, they do have their amazing strategies about how to achieve financial freedom but that probably feels completely unrelatable and so far removed from where you’re at. The reality is that you break out in a cold sweat at the words asset allocation, risk profile and investment horizon… When for you, a step in the right direction would be to just to have the ability to open and take a look at your credit card statement!!pop-up

So, you tell yourself … I’m just no good with money and you kind of ignore it, moving through life carefully trying to avoid interactions with money or perhaps, worse still, looking for a bloke that can take care of you!! Oh, and if you still believe in fairytales and think that Prince Charming is coming to save you, you’d best take yourself off and have a bit of a word with yourself… this is never a good financial planning strategy but that’s a subject for a whole other post or perhaps a book!!

Anyway, you tell yourself everything will be ok… things will take care of themselves, all the while having that sense of unease inside… that feeling of not being safe. So, you say, ‘I’m just not meant to have money but I’ll always get by’ and the truth is that you probably will because that’s the benchmark you’ve set for yourself. But, do you want to just get by?? Or, do you want to take life by the balls, take absolute control of your life .. live it on your terms, draw a line in the sand and make the decision that money is going to be an ally in life rather than an obstacle? Of course money isn’t everything but the cold hard truth is that money is the tool to do all of this … It provides you with the opportunity to make choices about how you want to live your life and so it’s incredibly important!!! If you’re constantly living in survival mode, having financial melt-downs, and always trying to figure out how to pay the next unexpected expense then you aren’t truly living!

So, if you have any of this going on…. any of the guilt, shame or embarrassment that tends to be shacked up cosily with all of your money worries, what I want to say to you is this….

  • It’s ok to f*ck up… we all do and that includes the financial experts;
  • It’s ok to have spent loads of money and maxed out your credit cards;
  • It’s ok to have handed over the responsibility to someone else… A partner, a husband, whoever.. because you haven’t felt as though you can do it;
  • It’s ok to have buried your head in the sand and to have had piles of unopened bills;
  • It’s ok NOT to read the financial pages and to have absolutely ZERO inclination to do so;
  • It’s ok to not find Martin Lewis, the money saving expert, even remotely attractive!!!
  • It’s ok to be a complete financial mess… Or perhaps I should rephrase that one to ‘It’s ok to have BEEN a complete financial mess’!!

What’s not ok is to keep believing the untruthful stuff about yourself, to keep beating yourself up for past money mistakes, to ignore dealing with what you need to deal with and to continue crashing your way through life colliding into one money disaster after another!!!! The truth is that most of us are constantly working with this!! We’re always going to come up against new blocks and new stuff that we need to deal with!!

So, make a promise to yourself today to not be this anymore, don’t say this about yourself, step into the person you need to be TODAY… Actually, the person you already are… a girl with grit, a girl who doesn’t let money control her life, a girl who takes 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that she’s creating!!!! And if you need a wing woman, partner in crime or simply a fellow student on this journey called life then you know where I am! And if you like this post and think it might help someone to take a look at what they have going on, please feel free to share it!!

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