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It’s Ok to be a Financial F*ck Up

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It’s Ok to be a Financial F*ck Up

W hat?!?! FFS Sarah, you’re a financial adviser for gods sake… you can’t say that!!!

Ok, so of course I’ve written that title as more of an attention grabber and not to say that it’s ok to be an actual financial f*ck up…. In fact it’s positively NOT ok and what’s even more NOT ok is to speak to ourselves in this way but I’m speaking here to the women who are most definitely NOT that, but, who have labelled themselves as such and what I really want to say is just pack it in, Ok?!

So, if you’re nodding your head right now thinking, yeah this is me… I’m completely clueless where money is concerned. Why do I keep cocking things up .. Listen up!!! The truth is that you’re probably a really intelligent woman … You can probably tie your own shoe laces and everything!! Ok, so that’s a little joke in case you missed it.. probably totally misplaced!!! Anyway, I digress! It may well be that on the surface you have it all! The truth is, you’re probably the strong one, the one that your friends look up to for advice and confidence and by hook or by crook you’re absolutely doing your best to maintain that image!!

But deep down you have a dirty little secret….. you try to ignore it and by ignoring it you’re more than likely the first one at the bar splashing your cash!!! And you get home at the end of the night, having blown another £100, and you think crikey money just seems to slip through my fingers and I really should have my money act together by now!!! And because you don’t, you just feel like a bit of a loser actually….

You know, we hear from so many financial gurus who all seem to have their shit together (or do they?)!! Smoke and mirrors is all I have to say about that… and, yeah, they do have their amazing strategies about how to achieve financial freedom but that probably feels completely unrelatable and so far removed from where you’re at. The reality is that you break out in a cold sweat at the words asset allocation, risk profile and investment horizon… When for you, a step in the right direction would be to just to have the ability to open and take a look at your credit card statement!!pop-up

So, you tell yourself … I’m just no good with money and you kind of ignore it, moving through life carefully trying to avoid interactions with money or perhaps, worse still, looking for a bloke that can take care of you!! Oh, and if you still believe in fairytales and think that Prince Charming is coming to save you, you’d best take yourself off and have a bit of a word with yourself… this is never a good financial planning strategy but that’s a subject for a whole other post or perhaps a book!!

Anyway, you tell yourself everything will be ok… things will take care of themselves, all the while having that sense of unease inside… that feeling of not being safe. So, you say, ‘I’m just not meant to have money but I’ll always get by’ and the truth is that you probably will because that’s the benchmark you’ve set for yourself. But, do you want to just get by?? Or, do you want to take life by the balls, take absolute control of your life .. live it on your terms, draw a line in the sand and make the decision that money is going to be an ally in life rather than an obstacle? Of course money isn’t everything but the cold hard truth is that money is the tool to do all of this … It provides you with the opportunity to make choices about how you want to live your life and so it’s incredibly important!!! If you’re constantly living in survival mode, having financial melt-downs, and always trying to figure out how to pay the next unexpected expense then you aren’t truly living!

So, if you have any of this going on…. any of the guilt, shame or embarrassment that tends to be shacked up cosily with all of your money worries, what I want to say to you is this….

  • It’s ok to f*ck up… we all do and that includes the financial experts;
  • It’s ok to have spent loads of money and maxed out your credit cards;
  • It’s ok to have handed over the responsibility to someone else… A partner, a husband, whoever.. because you haven’t felt as though you can do it;
  • It’s ok to have buried your head in the sand and to have had piles of unopened bills;
  • It’s ok NOT to read the financial pages and to have absolutely ZERO inclination to do so;
  • It’s ok to not find Martin Lewis, the money saving expert, even remotely attractive!!!
  • It’s ok to be a complete financial mess… Or perhaps I should rephrase that one to ‘It’s ok to have BEEN a complete financial mess’!!

What’s not ok is to keep believing the untruthful stuff about yourself, to keep beating yourself up for past money mistakes, to ignore dealing with what you need to deal with and to continue crashing your way through life colliding into one money disaster after another!!!! The truth is that most of us are constantly working with this!! We’re always going to come up against new blocks and new stuff that we need to deal with!!

So, make a promise to yourself today to not be this anymore, don’t say this about yourself, step into the person you need to be TODAY… Actually, the person you already are… a girl with grit, a girl who doesn’t let money control her life, a girl who takes 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that she’s creating!!!! And if you need a wing woman, partner in crime or simply a fellow student on this journey called life then you know where I am! And if you like this post and think it might help someone to take a look at what they have going on, please feel free to share it!!

Dump your Inner Bag Lady

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Dump your Inner Bag Lady

I ‘ve been having a bit of a trip down memory lane today, thinking about my first job at the Yorkshire Bank and remembering some of the customers I used to serve… what I would call ‘life’s true characters’!!! They must have been because I still remember them 20 plus years down the line.

There was the Leeds busker Danny, a lovely white haired, bearded ‘Santa Claus’ type of man, with his brown duffle coat.  Danny used to sing outside M&S and would then pay in the thousands of pounds he raised for charity. Then there was Mr Pickles… A miniature elderly man who brought me presents … the more unusal ones included a prayer book and a half eaten bags of sweets!! And of course, it’d be rude not to mention the time that a couple of Chippendales, wearing muscle vests, rocked up to my till ….definitely a highlight of my career up until that point!!

There were too many to mention really but in particular I was thinking about a homeless lady that used to come in and steal leaflets!! Apparently her name was Rachel … I don’t know for sure and we never knew exactly why she stole them. We presumed it was so that she could burn them to keep warm. Rachel was the typical archetypal crone… bent over, black clothing and long matted grey hair. She’d grab as many leaflets as possible before getting chased out of the bank shaking her fists and muttering under her breath!!

I’m not sure why but every now and again she crosses my mind and when I was thinking about her today, I came across a Forbes article talking about the number one Financial Fear that Women face … which is that of falling victim to the ‘Bag Lady Syndrome’!!! Sure, in my own life.. I’ve had my own fears around not being financially secure but is the ‘Bag Lady Syndrome’ even real? And so I google it and bloody hell, yeah this shit is real and you don’t have to be skint to suffer from it, in fact the opposite is true!!!! Basically, it’s the underlying fear that we could lose complete financial peace of mind and of course that includes losing all of our possessions with the result of ultimately becoming homeless. Not a very cheery thought but good to know we aren’t on our own here!!

Whenever I hear the words ‘Bag Lady’ I think of Rachel and wonder how the hell does someone end up stealing leaflets and carrying all of their possessions around in a shopping bag??? This type of life seems so far removed for many of us and although our rational mind tells us that this will never happen there’s often something lurking deep inside!!

So, the specifics are different for everyone but if you have any of this going on, what are some of the things you can do to kick the inner bag lady into touch?

  • Figure out where the fear is coming from… I harp on about this all the time but awareness is the most important thing. You know this is completely irrational, so, first and foremost you need to do a bit of digging around. And when you wake in the early hours of the morning, with a sense of unease, actually ask yourself the question.. Is this real or is it irrational??? You need to invite the fear in to be able to figure out what it’s trying to tell you, so, don’t fight it.. question it.
  • Crunch your numbers … What does the lifestyle you want for yourself look like, how much is that going to cost? How much do you need to earn to support you in that lifestyle? The key point here is to maximise your earnings while living below your means!!! It’s really simple and you know that you need to have a handle on this so the best thing to do is just get on with it.
  • Yes you need a financial plan… it doesn’t have to be fancy but it should have the basics covered such as having the necessary protection in place to cover things such as sickness/Ill health and savings/investments for future financial goals!! Knowing exactly where you’re at stops the chances of being plunged into an unexpected financial situation for all hell to break loose!! Do NOT completely hand the taking care of your finances over to anyone which includes husband and/or financial adviser! Of course you can en-list their help but ultimately no-one cares about your financial well-being as much as you do.
  • Get some knowledge around money and money management!! The financial services world would have you believe that it’s incredibly complex and boring but in truth it isn’t….. Fear often comes from confusion so having the basics of financial planning down will help.

So, those are my ideas for ditching your inner bag lady and I’d like to thank Rachel for the inspiration for this post!!! She may have been a bag lady but one things for sure… she made her mark. I don’t suppose she’ll remember me but I bet there are 100’s of people in Leeds who remember her!!!!!

Transform your fear around money

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Transform your fear around money

S o, how do you TRANSFORM your FEAR or perhaps more accurate to say ‘How do you HEAL your relationship with money?’

The short answer … throw EVERYTHING at it!!! And keep reading to the end because I have a FREE gift for you!!

You might say, I don’t need to heal my relationship with money… I have a really good income and a really good life and have no fear or anxiety where money is concerned and if that’s the case, HAPPY DAYS.. you need read no further!! :)

However, what I would say is that in all of the years working with clients and their finances, I don’t think I’ve ever met a single woman (or man) who has a completely well balanced relationship with money. For many, there’s an underlying sense of fear, unease and anxiety (irrespective of how much there is in the bank)!

Look, here’s the thing… money isn’t everything but it does give us CHOICE about how we want to live our lives. We live in a society where we use money as a means of exchange and so it makes sense to pay a LOT of attention to it…

You’d think a financial adviser who earned reasonable money and had plenty of knowledge about finance would have her money life completely sorted and all financial ducks in a row! Well not entirely.. Like many of my friends and colleagues, much of my 20’s and into my 30’s were spent living for the moment with little thought for the future.

I worked in financial services for approximately 20 years (of which I was a financial adviser for over 15 of those) but it was only 6 years ago that I really started to pay attention to my money and more importantly to my relationship with money because up until that point I didn’t have one!

You know those relationships with a blokes where you pay them no attention so they go elsewhere… well, that was me and money!!! Other than putting a small amount away in a pension (because that’s what I was told I should do!!) I just earned it and spent it, earned it and spent it … I had little respect for money and therefore it just didn’t hang around for long!

But the thing is, this can all change and there’s no reason that you should take 6 years (or more) figuring it out for yourself… I’m not going to say that there’s a secret ingredient here because in truth, we all have our own individual path to walk and if we’re doing life right, we’re constantly growing and evolving and it’s every persons responsibility to figure out their own way.

However, there are ways to short-cut the process so that you don’t spend as long as I did trying to figure it all out, so that you can make decisions based on what you WANT and not based upon how much money you have in your bank account!! Because the truth of it is, is that most people are allowing money to make their decisions for them!

I’m not going to pretend that I have all the answers but what I will say is that I’ve lived and breathed this subject for the whole of my working life… I walk my talk, I know how to transform the FEAR around money and I don’t have the Sunday night dread because I know that I get to choose how I want to spend every day with my desire for freedom at the centre of everything I do and that’s not always easy!!!

However, it is worth it and so I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned along the way… both throughout my own personal journey and through what I’ve seen with my clients. One thing is for sure, how we do MONEY is how we do LIFE and so as far as I can see there’s no more important subject to learn!

Side note, When I say learn about money I don’t necessarily mean learning about investment products, spreadsheets and cash flow forecasting. Although important subjects to learn, what I mean is that you need to learn what the meaning of money is to YOU!! What are YOUR beliefs and how have your experiences with money been shaped by these beliefs? What kind of life do YOU want to create for yourself? The numbers are certainly part of it but the truth is that without the inner work or having the correct foundations in place, the best financial plan in the world will fail miserably!!!

Anyway, here’s my thoughts:

  • Your current financial situation is purely a reflection of what you have going on inside. If you have challenges in your financial life, then you’re out of alignment. You have to find that place of alignment … without it, life will be harder than it needs to be. The aim is to figure out who you truly are. That can be very different to who you think you are or more importantly who you’ve been told you are! You have to accept where you’re at and take small steps from there… you have to build the mental and spiritual muscle!!! By doing that you switch from unconscious default mode to conscious design mode;
  • The challenges in your life are here for a reason… to teach you something and it’s your job to figure out the lesson, to find the gift in the lesson and to use that gift to move you closer to who you truly are! The truth is that we receive in life, not necessarily what we think we want but what we need! So, if you’re experiencing challenges with your money, you need to figure out the underlying lesson you need to learn and ACT on it;
  • We’ve all inherited messages about money that may or may not be helpful in terms of what we want to create for ourselves. The unhealthy ones result in us forming unwanted, patterns of behaviour that keep the unhelpful beliefs firmly fixed in place.  The basic formula is Beliefs + Thoughts & Accompanying Emotions = Behaviour.  This is the basis of the creative process. The aim is to consciously use this process and the power of the subconscious mind to create the reality you desire. You’re creating your reality based upon the blueprint of what you have in your subconscious mind which means that it’s this blueprint that you need to be working with if you want to change your experience with money.  If you’re unsure about what you have going on in your subconscious, look at the situation you currently find yourself in. That will tell you exactly where your beliefs are currently at;
  • Whether you’re on board with the ‘woo-woo’ stuff or not, you are a vibrational being and as such are each emitting a certain frequency that is attracting back to you circumstances/situations/events that are in alignment with that which you’re sending out. So, if you don’t like what you’re experiencing… you need to constantly be working towards increasing your vibration;
  • No matter how much of the ‘inner work’ you do, you’ll likely mess up again and again. Falling out with yourself isn’t helpful… so you may aswell forgive yourself past money mistakes NOW because we’ve all made them I promise. You’re as perfect in your imperfections as I am in mine and therefore there are no mistakes. Acceptance of who you are and where you are at is the key to moving forward;
  • Affirmations are fine but require a high level of self-belief so you might be saying ‘I am rich..’ and because you don’t believe it are likely to reject it outright which results in focussing on more of that which you don’t want to have (not helpful)!! Our minds are wired for finding solutions so if affirmations aren’t working… Flip it and ask a question instead ie. How am I rich? … Then your mind will search for solutions;
  • Words have power…if you don’t want it, don’t say it. Eliminate the words ‘I can’t afford’ from your vocabulary NOW and re-frame it to something like ‘that’s not a priority for me right now.’
  • Earning a lot of money and/or having a lot of knowledge about money doesn’t necessarily equate to a healthy relationship with money. I have clients driven to earn more and more money to the detriment of everything else including their relationships… Although ‘Secure’ in a financial sense, how much security do they really have??
  • Spending a lot of money doesn’t automatically mean you have an underlying issue or ‘spending problem’. Conscious spending is the key and although for a long time I beat myself up about, how I wasted a lot of money on ‘stuff’, what I also realised was that I do want the nice things in life…. the cocktails in expensive wine bars, the latte every day and no, I’m not going to give that up because some financial guru told me to and yes I DO understand the concept of compounding! I’m still not giving up my latte… I’ll give up something I don’t want instead;
  • Earning more money doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll start to save if saving is something you’ve never done before.. Many of us have the tendency to live up to our means (and beyond) so with this is in mind, it’s the money flow pattern that needs to be addressed as well as the level of income.

So, those are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned along the way but the truth of it is that getting to grips with this stuff isn’t easy and it isn’t always going to feel pleasant. You’re going to have to be prepared to get your hands dirty and get stuck in! Sometimes we have to go into the darkness before we see the light but that’s necessary for making the changes that we want to make!

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that healing your relationship with money is THE most important thing to be focussing your attention on right NOW!!! When you take control of your money, you take control of your LIFE!!!

So, to begin I’ve created a FREE 40 minute audio which will help you to identify why, despite having done a load of work, you may still be struggling and how to start to identify and shift some of your more unhealthy money scripts and beliefs. All you need to do is enter your details below and you’ll automatically receive your free gift. :) Enjoy!!!

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Are you walking around in ill fitting money shoes?

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Are you walking around in ill fitting money shoes?

I t’s time to get clear on your pricing, get the perfect pair of money shoes and make the money you desire!!

I first read about the concept of badly fitting money shoes in Danielle LaPortes wonderful book ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’. In the book she talked about her friend who felt uncomfortable earning a certain amount of money because it just felt like too much.

Throughout my career as a financial adviser, I tried on many pairs of shoes, both money ones and actual ones…. Yes, I like shoes (a lot) but that’s a post for another day. Some felt more comfortable than others and this idea around the fact that we unconsciously set ourselves an income ceiling, based on lots of different factors, really resonated with me. The more I spoke to clients, the more I realised I wasn’t unique.

I had one client tell me that, despite consciously wanting more, she couldn’t seem to go beyond a certain level of income no matter how hard she worked. After much self-analysis, she eventually identified that underlying all of this was the belief that she shouldn’t earn more than her father who had always worked so hard for his money. She had unconsciously developed a money script along the lines of ‘You have to work your fingers to the bone to earn money’.

She was burnt out and broke! She felt comfortable charging £75 an hour, what she actually needed to charge was £200 an hour. She wanted the Louboutins but was comfortable in the Birkenstocks and she knew that upgrading was going to hurt. Between us we had to find somewhere in between.. something that wouldn’t feel like such a big stretch and now, at last, her Kurt Geiger’s fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper!

If any of this sounds a bit weird or uncomfortable, bear with me and don’t worry… you’re in the right place I promise! You’ll know if you’ve been wearing ill fitting money shoes because it’s going to feel painful and you’re likely to wobble, especially when asking for the sale! You’re likely to make assumptions about what your clients can and can’t afford. This mindset is going to be causing you major challenges in funding the lifestyle you desire and you know you need to deal with this because, if you don’t, you won’t be doing the work you love for very much longer.

You may have been working with the law of attraction, reading books about wealth creation or toying with the idea of raising your prices but none of this has worked because it hasn’t dealt with the underlying issue.

A combination of the following will help you towards identifying how much to charge:

  • Create a plan… identify the lifestyle you want to live, how much will it cost, how many hours do you want to work? You are in business to support a certain lifestyle right? So, make sure your numbers support that;
  • Get incredibly clear on the value that your service/offer provides… if you don’t have a clear understanding of the value of the service that your offer then it’s going to be difficult to stand by your pricing;
  • Identify some of the limiting beliefs that may have been leading you down the self-sabotage path and work on creating some new beliefs. It’s likely that you may have been projecting onto others what you have going on inside of yourself at a deeper level so this is a really important one;
  • Raise your vibration… Invest in yourself!! If you aren’t investing in yourself how can you expect others to invest in you? The more you invest in yourself, the higher fees you can charge.

This is a huge subject and one that I could talk about forever so please, if you liked it, feel free to share/comment in the comments section below.

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Overcoming Resistance to Financial Planning

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F irst of all, congratulations if you have read beyond the title of this post because for those of you who are truly resistant to looking at your finances, your unconscious would have made sure that you wouldn’t even notice this post and if you did notice it, you would automatically have made the decision that this wasn’t something that you needed to worry about right now.

The truth is that, many of us are walking around in complete financial unconsciousness! I absolutely get this because, even as a financial adviser, for many years I was doing the same. For lots of us, the idea of looking at your money or creating a financial plan feels boring and uninspiring but it’s this exact message that may be keeping you financially stuck. Worry about money takes up a great deal of head space and it’s therefore crucial that you get a handle on this so that you can free up your mind to be concentrating on the things you truly want to be doing.

The good news is that, the minute you decide to take charge of your financial situation, whether that be just starting to pay attention to your numbers or better still, to invest in a financial plan, you are already well on your way to creating the life you desire.

You may feel anxious about looking at your finances because you are frightened about what you will find. I’m here to tell you as your friend that continuing blissfully unaware will simply perpetuate the behaviours, often self-defeating, that will reinforce your anxiety about money.

Freud talked about the ego defence mechanisms which are put in place to reduce anxiety, of which ‘denial’ is one. The unfortunate thing is that the ego defence mechanisms are unconscious so you likely won’t be aware you have them in place. The good news is that once you bring something to conscious awareness, you can start to change it!

If any of the following resonate, then it’s likely that you could be suffering from a wee bit of denial in the money department and you may need to shake things up a bit:

  • When people bring up the subject of money, you feel uncomfortable and change the subject.
  • You tell yourself that you live for the moment and therefore planning isn’t really that important.
  • Other people tell you that you really should start taking a bit more care of your money.

A strong negative emotional reaction to this type of post is likely to suggest that this is exactly where you need to be focussing your efforts!

I believe that, in life, and especially with our money we are sent challenges and these challenges are sent to teach us something. The process of becoming financially conscious is one of self development and until we learn the lessons, we will continually be sent our financial challenges.

This is why it is so important to send a powerful message to the universe that you are taking control, that you have learnt the lessons and are ready to take your financial life to the next level!

“If you don’t take control of your money, it will take control of you.”

Once we realise that our money is simply a tool to help us live our lives the way we want, it becomes something that is really worth paying attention to.

Many people have no idea how much they spend on a monthly basis and this isn’t about keeping a budget… I really dislike that word as it suggests all kinds of deprivation! But, the one thing you can do right now is just start to become aware of your numbers. Something as simple as noticing how much you spend each month can result in a powerful mind-shift. Start to get a feel for how much you need to earn to support you in the lifestyle you desire. Without this information, how are you ever going to get where you want to go?

For many, this one simple thing can feel like a daunting exercise and so it’s important to do whatever you need to do to make this feel as pleasant as possible. Thinking about the bigger picture of how your life will be when your money supports you in living your lifestyle can be a great motivator for some of the more mundane tasks that we need to do to become financially conscious. I’ve heard of people setting themselves ‘money date’ nights where they sit down and really get acquainted with their numbers! When I do my own financial planning I conjure up the images of all of the experiences that I am going to enjoy, all of the feelings that I’m going to feel, as a result of taking these tiny steps.

Give it a go and see how you get on and, in the meantime, I’d love to hear about any of the challenges you are experiencing around your money stuff right now so please feel free to message me with anything you’d like me to cover in future posts.

Why Thinking You Are Useless With Money Will Keep You Financially Stuck!!

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W hen helping clients with their finances, I often hear the statement ‘I’m so useless with money… I just don’t understand’. It’s a common one and it’s this very idea that is keeping you ‘useless with money’!

Chances are, this was never even your belief… it will have been given to you in some form or another and at some point in your life you will have made the decision to take it on as your own! You then go about your merry way to prove yourself right… taking the necessary actions that serve to reinforce this belief.

Because your mind is so clever in finding ways for you to prove yourself right, you very carefully navigate your way through life encountering one money disaster after another, noticing along the way that your belief is true, continually reinforcing and making it stronger and more deeply ingrained … you really are totally useless with money!

“Your mind will find a way for you to do whatever it is that you believe you can do!”

Of course, this is absolutely wrong! You know that your mind will find a way for you to do whatever it is that you believe you can do, so you have to take action. Action is the only way to start to re-programme the faulty software that you have been given and the only way to do this is to start to take small, practical steps with your finances. Each small step will gradually work towards formulating a new belief, a more productive belief.. that actually you are in control of your finances!

Although the financial services profession would like you to believe that managing money is incredibly complex, in fact it isn’t! As a financial adviser, I’m very aware of how we often confuse the situation… we talk about bid/offer spread, OEICs, ISA’s and SIPP’s and it’s therefore no wonder clients drift off in a fog of despair and confusion…

But it doesn’t have to be that way, so start to work on creating some new beliefs.. take some time to look at your finances, read a money article, learn a few key concepts of financial planning or speak to a financial professional. Consistency is key here and, importantly, make sure you notice along the way these small steps you take, congratulate yourself and gradually the financial fog will lift!

Money and the Subconscious

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Money and the Subconscious

L istening to the news recently and hearing about the latest celebrity bankruptcy prompted me to start thinking about her and so many like her who quickly accumulate wealth and then lose it all, only to find themselves back in their old familiar situation of money angst and struggle. We hear stories of lottery winners who lose everything within a few years of the big win!

Is there a pattern here? Bearing in mind we are all walking around in our lives, largely unconscious to what we are actually doing, would these people have ever had the opportunity to experience a different outcome?

Estimates vary but there is evidence to suggest that approximately 5% only of our brains processing power is used by our conscious mind.  The remainder is subconscious, unconscious, automatic.  For example, we don’t think about how we brush our teeth, take a shower or how we breathe.  We often go into a trance like state when driving and when we arrive at our destination, have no idea how we got there.  Most of our day to day habits go on auto-pilot.

“What this means is that, our subconscious mind is largely running the show or calling the shots in our life!”

Our subconscious mind works like a computer, absorbing all the data input throughout our lives, the values, the beliefs, the things we have been told about who we are and what to expect in our lives.  This ‘mind computer’ will take this programming and run with it, ensuring that our experiences reflect back to us what is held deeply within.

If we have been brought up in an environment where money has always been a struggle …. Perhaps we have been fed messages about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer or that money is the root of all evil and the powerful and rich exploit those less fortunate than themselves.  This is the programming that has been received and it is easy to see therefore how our life experience, in relation to money, could be a negative one.

The problems arise when our conscious mind desires something that is in conflict with these most deeply rooted beliefs. Although on a conscious level we may associate money with increased freedom, the ability to help those less fortunate than ourselves etc., the subconscious has been programmed to believe the exact opposite so our task of accumulating wealth becomes one of mountainous proportions.

Indeed if we succeed in our efforts to achieve the wealth we think we deserve, the subconscious will always be there to remind us of these deeply held beliefs and because the subconscious is running the show, it will ensure that we take the necessary behaviours to keep our lives in line with that programming.

We all have these unconscious ideas, attitudes, core beliefs and emotional patterns that affect our experience with money and it is the moment that we begin to bring them into our conscious awareness that we start to realise, we are on the right track!

Scientists tell us that the power of the subconscious mind is perhaps a million times greater than that of the conscious mind.  Ultimately it’s aim is to protect us and held within it is a great deal of wisdom and intelligence.

Goals in life are valuable, as is will power, but there exists an asset within us so much more powerful and this is the reason it is so imperative to work with the subconscious when trying to build the life that we deserve!!

Are our thoughts stopping the flow of money into our lives?

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Are our thoughts stopping the flow of money into our lives?

M oney affects everything in our lives … the holidays we take, the quality of the clothes that we wear, the food that we eat, the house we live in, the free time that we have available to spend time doing things we truly love.

We assign so much power to this medium of exchange … Power that influences our health, our relationship with loved ones, the social circles we move in.  Ultimately, money has the power to shape our entire lives … if we let it!

I am not saying that money is unimportant, of course it is! But, what I am saying is that we should see it for what it is … a means of paying for THINGS! A means to an end … The problems arise when we see it as the END itself!!

“Money conjures up all sorts of emotions – fear, shame, envy, anger, joy.”

Our emotions affect the quality of our responses and our actions in relation to our money behaviours and it is therefore so important that we feed our mind with the right thoughts to enable us to feel the right emotions. Our unhealthy ‘money baggage’ can literally stop the flow of money into our lives.

Taking on board the following ideas can help us towards developing a more healthy mindset in relation to money:

  • Limit negative input from external sources ie. the media.  Pay no attention to “scare headlines”. Remember, bad news sells so listen to it (if you must) then let it go! Don’t allow these negative messages to filter in to your mind!
  • Recognise those situations that you have no power to change!! You only have control over your own circumstances … That is where you should be focussing your efforts!
  • Make a promise to take control of your finances … Once you know what you are dealing with everything seems a lot less scary!
  • Don’t compare your financial self to your peers … It’s very likely that the image they project is very different to their actual situation.
  • Forgive yourself for past money mistakes. Live in the present moment, not in the past or the future.
  • Remain positive and feel safe in the knowledge that you are doing your best and everything is going to be just fine!

Remember, YOU are bigger and much more important than MONEY.

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