Why Thinking You Are Useless With Money Will Keep You Financially Stuck!!

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Financial therapy | 3 comments

W hen helping clients with their finances, I often hear the statement ‘I’m so useless with money… I just don’t understand’. It’s a common one and it’s this very idea that is keeping you ‘useless with money’!

Chances are, this was never even your belief… it will have been given to you in some form or another and at some point in your life you will have made the decision to take it on as your own! You then go about your merry way to prove yourself right… taking the necessary actions that serve to reinforce this belief.

Because your mind is so clever in finding ways for you to prove yourself right, you very carefully navigate your way through life encountering one money disaster after another, noticing along the way that your belief is true, continually reinforcing and making it stronger and more deeply ingrained … you really are totally useless with money!

“Your mind will find a way for you to do whatever it is that you believe you can do!”

Of course, this is absolutely wrong! You know that your mind will find a way for you to do whatever it is that you believe you can do, so you have to take action. Action is the only way to start to re-programme the faulty software that you have been given and the only way to do this is to start to take small, practical steps with your finances. Each small step will gradually work towards formulating a new belief, a more productive belief.. that actually you are in control of your finances!

Although the financial services profession would like you to believe that managing money is incredibly complex, in fact it isn’t! As a financial adviser, I’m very aware of how we often confuse the situation… we talk about bid/offer spread, OEICs, ISA’s and SIPP’s and it’s therefore no wonder clients drift off in a fog of despair and confusion…

But it doesn’t have to be that way, so start to work on creating some new beliefs.. take some time to look at your finances, read a money article, learn a few key concepts of financial planning or speak to a financial professional. Consistency is key here and, importantly, make sure you notice along the way these small steps you take, congratulate yourself and gradually the financial fog will lift!


  1. Great tips Sarah. The key here is consistent practical small steps, before ou know it, you are on your way to financial success.

    • Absolutely… Thanks Esther :)

    • Definitely … no step is too small, it’s all about keeping moving forward! Thanks Esther.

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